Spa Nirvana from your home

TREAT YOURSELF // Finding time to reset and recharge is one of the most important things we can do for our physical, mental and spiritual health — and also one of the most difficult. Prioritizing your well-being starts with integrating it into your routines, and one of the best places to practice is the space in our homes that is designed for privacy and self-care — the bathroom. For some tips on refreshing your mind, renewing your spirit and creating a luxurious at-home spa experience, we went straight to the experts — the staff at our five-star Kohler Waters Spa®.



GET INTO CHARACTER // A home spa experience is all about creating a state of mind, and that starts with your wardrobe. Some slippers and a plush Turkish robe (and somewhere proper to hang it) will let your body know that this is not part of your normal routine and will help prepare you for what’s to follow.



SET THE STAGE // An organized, decluttered space with fresh towels and a place to discard them, such as a basket or hamper, will go a long way toward helping you reach your state of Zen. Adding well-placed towel bars and hoteliers will make you feel as if all your needs have been anticipated.



STAY HYDRATED // We recommend fresh, filtered water infused with some cucumber, lemon and mint — or any combination of your favorite fruits and herbs. Of course, a sparkling flute of champagne is never a bad idea, either. Just remember to drink plenty of water before, during and after your sessions.



CREATE SOME AMBIANCE // Dim the lights and put on some soothing music to get yourself relaxed. With our voice-activated, Amazon Alexa-enabled Verdera® Voice lighted mirror, you can do both without lifting a finger. Add a scented candle or two to really heighten the spa-like experience.



EXFOLIATE // Now we’re getting down to business. Use a dry brush to stimulate the lymphatic system, expel toxins, increase circulation, and break down cellulite. Start from the feet and work your way toward the heart. You can also use a body scrub as an alternative to dry brush-ing to achieve a similar effect.



A QUICK RINSE // Step into the shower for a quick, 5-minute warm rinse to clean your body after the dry brush and awaken your mind for what’s next. A digital shower adds that next level of control and precision, and body sprays add that next level of spa-like indulgence.



OPEN THE PORES // A steam experience helps you open your pores, sweat out toxins, soothe sore muscles and focus on your breathing. A built-in bench or other seating makes it even easier to relax while soaking in all the benefits of steam.



TAKE THE PLUNGE // Fill up the bath with cold water move directly from the steam into the cold bath. The transition from hot to cold improves circulation and brings your body and mind back into focus. A bathroom designed with a wet room and freestanding bath can help keep all of the water contained and separated from the dry areas.



SETTLE IN // This is the part you’ve been leading up to—a long, indulgent soak. Get the temperature and music just right, dim the lights even further, close your eyes, put on a mask, drop in some bath salts, and set a timer. Now breathe deeply and let the chaos and stress melt away.



EMERGE REFRESHED // Once you’ve reached a state of blissful relaxation it’s time to slowly bring your temperature back down with a brief rinse with approximately 93ºF water. A handshower is the perfect way to reintroduce colder temperatures without shocking the system.



THE FINISHING TOUCHES // You won’t want to go from a state of complete relaxation right back into daily life, so ease the transition with a face mask, lotion or other self-care routine. Organize your vanity in a way that feels deliberate, and declutter your countertop space with Bente™ accessories. Most importantly, take your time, don’t rush it, and let your body find its balance.



REFRESH IN A RUSH // Sometimes we need a little pick-me-up but simply don’t have time for the full spa treatment. Try these quick shower and bath circuits to give yourself a boost in as little as 10-15 minutes. If you're looking to make your bathroom a little more spa-friendly, our experts at Bathroom Design Service can help you through every step of the process. And for innovative shower design solutions, explore the benefits KOHLER LuxStone®.

THE QUICK SHOWER CIRCUIT // Dry brush, inside or outside the shower: 2-4 minutes Neutral temperature rinse at 93º: 2-4 minutes Hot soak at 98º-104º: 3-5 minutes Neutral cool down at 98º or less: 2 minutes

THE QUICK BATHING CIRCUIT // Neutral temperature rinse at 93º: 1-2 minutes Hydrotherapy bath or hot soak at 102º-104º: 3-5 minutes Cool plunge pool dip at 80º or below: 3-5 minutes Sauna or steam at 104º: 3-5 minutes Finishing rinse at 93º: 1-2 minutes