Discover the benefits of wood-look porcelain

Discover The Benefits Of Wood-Look Porcelain

No one can deny the rich look of hardwood and the texture and character it can add to a room, but there are some spaces where wood might be impractical. Homeowners who don’t want to worry about maintenance might not choose it for high-traffic areas such as kitchens and rec rooms, or wet areas such as bathrooms, for example. Wood is lovely on an outdoor deck, but exposure to the elements requires regular staining and sealing.

The good news is that you don’t have to give up the beautiful look of hardwood with our wood-look porcelain, which replicates the natural hues and grain patterns found in multiple species from oak to walnut to ash. These tiles are available in a variety of sizes to replicate narrow or wide-plank styles. They’re resistant to impact, scratching and fading, and fire and water damage. Even better, the tiles from the Seedwood and Park-Ker’s Forest collections are made from 95-percent recycled material, resulting in 40-percent reduced carbon emissions in the production process.

Take a look:


Nebraska Tea is perfect for outdoor terraces or bathrooms. Pair it with the ribbed Ice Nebraska Tea for a handsome wall treatment.

Shown: Nebraska Tea and Ice Nebraska Tea


No one will know the difference between Minnesota Moka Antislip with its weathered finish and dramatic grain patterning, and nature’s own work. Its rustic style is perfect for great room, deck or vacation house.

Shown: Minnesota Moka Antislip


The smooth, sleek styling of Tanzania, which comes in seven shades, is a sure bet for any room of your home.

Shown: Tanzania Nut, Tanzania White, and Tanzania Taupe


The Forest collection is Par-Ker’s latest eco-friendly line, offering four different colors and grains:

  • The pale Fresno, with its pinkish undertone, works well in light, sunny areas such as a kitchen, porch or bath.
  • The Arce and Natural are light- to mid-tone offerings that work universally in any space.
  • The gray-tone Acero is a good choice for transitional and contemporary styles.

Shown: Forest Fresno, Forest Arce, and Forest Acero

The Delaware line offers a more rustic look with dramatic grains.

Shown: Delaware Natural and Delaware Nogal

For a dash of traditional elegance, choose the parquet-like Heritage line.

  • The deep Cognac offers a delightful foil for clean-lined furnishings.
  • The pale Colonial stands up to formal environments and architecture.

Shown: Heritage Cognac and Heritage Colonial

The Seedwood and Par-Ker lines can be used complementary. Pair Par-Ker’s Manhattan Maple, for instance, with Seedwood’s Ice Nebraska Tea or Lexington Maple.

Shown: Manhattan Maple & Lexington Maple

You can always mix one of our wood-look tiles with another style to create your own look. For a lighter mood, try pairing Tanzania Silver with the bright Indic tile. If you want to go for a darker ambiance, try using Magma Black with Vancouver Moka.

Shown: Tanzania Silver with Indic and Vancouver Moka with Magma Black