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  • Stainless-Steel finger-print resistant cover
  • Base is cutting board, providing multi-use purpose
  • Bamboo cutting board base is durable and resistant to odor or stains
  • Keeps bread fresh for longer
  • Sleek, sophisticated look fits with any kitchen design
  • Dimensions: 15”L x 12”W x 6”H
  • KCH-08376

There are bread lovers and then there are bread lovers. For the latter, this bread box provides a place to keep your favorite loaf of sourdough, homemade, focaccia, French – you name it – fresh as can be. An easy-access lid lets you dive right in and cut a piece when the urge strikes. And speaking of cutting, its base is actually a durable, stain-proof cutting board made of bamboo. And whether your kitchen aesthetic is farmhouse, rustic, modern or traditional, this stainless-steel bread box fits right in, like a piece of Italian bread at your family’s Friday night pasta dinner. Oh, and in addition to steering clear of stale bread, you can also store donuts and other pastries in here, too.

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