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Wholesome and Nutritious

Nutrition is at the core of our product. True Pet Food is formulated with the vitamins and minerals to achieve optimal health and performance for your Caribbean Dogs. Each bag of True Pet food, whether for your growing pup, or adult dog provide a balance diet that your dogs will thank you for.

Convenient and Affordable

True Pet Food makes nutrition more accessible for breeders, vets and pet owners seeking to optimize the performance and health of their animals. We aim to be their daily, affordable go-to brand available everywhere.

Made for Caribbean Dogs

The nutritional needs of dogs in tropical climates differ from those in other areas. Developed by certified Veterinarians and scientific experts from the region, the environment, physiological state and other health factors were considered during its development. It's a dog food created by experts who care.

Innovation through Localization

This is the commitment of True Pet Food as it aims to be recognized as the Caribbean’s top choice for Nutritious pet Food. Its core purpose is creating a sustainable pet food. We are changing the game of pet foods in Jamaica where the industry can thrive sustainably, with a focus on quality. We are a Jamaican innovation in pet nutrition. We are True.

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