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The Waterless Urinal maintenance balls are designed to enhance the routine maintenance of KOHLER'S Steward Urinals. When used in conjunction with proper maintenance of the Steward Urinal (every two weeks) the Waterless Urinal Balls inhibit potential build up, and keeps the system operating effectively.


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  • Balls are individually packaged in recycled materials that allow for easy maintenance.
  • Organic bacteria released during use designed to enhance product maintenance and encourages optimal performance.
  • To be added to routine Waterless Urinal maintenance schedule; follow manufacturers waterless urinal maintenance schedule.
  • Lightly scented to enhance restroom experience.
  • Spherical shape to not cause splashing during use; unlike traditional pucks.
  • Ball to be placed on top of urinal strainer and should not be deposited in the urinal drain during maintenance.
  • Waterless Urinal maintenance ball is designed to change color after approximately two weeks of use; this will provide a visual indicator it is time to maintain the Waterless Urinal to allow for optimal performance.

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